Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ganga Ke Taat Par

I grew up in Small Kasbah of Bihar. I did spend lots of good time with grandpa which is “The Best” thing I have received at this place. Those days are my lessons of attachment and humanities. My Dadaji spent his last days in feeding birds, keeping waters in a rock pot for their bath and scolding me and my siblings if there is no water in that rocky pot.
The greenery of growing wheat plant, orchard and the holy Ganga was the circumference of my childhood and I feel proud to be associated with this rural part of Bihar where I have spent my half of childhood with divinity.
Getting up early in the morning to pluck the flowers from others garden during Dasahra, eating kacha-aam (green-mango) during   mango season, playing cricket in hot summers were the part of amazing childhood.
Peace, pure air, farmers, small traders, mukhiya (the headman) and others are the feature of the place I was born.
Leanings from My School Principal, Slap from History Teacher as partiality became my thought process in latter part of my life.
For better education I was sent to a Patna. (However I didn’t do anything better) .Parents shifted to Deoghar where papa was in active business.
After my primary and secondary education I wrote IIT Exam, and failure in IIT exam launched me in Karnataka to pursue my so called engineering.
I enrolled at the Visvesvaraya Technological University in 2007 for my undergraduate in Computer Science & Engineering.
Engineering Taught me a lots of things in life. Transformation of a boy to a man has taken place on those four years .A shy boy to aggressive hostel representative who became talking point for some point of time in college.
Challenging seniors for paper presentation and winning the same was my way to make place at director’s desk.
Ethics in life got a special place in my life during these days.
Small but very selective juniors gave me the small push in heights of life. Life during engineering days guided me to adopt certain values.
Adaptation and latter liking South Indian food is an awesome experience of my engineering days, I would quote a line from a south Indian friend “itna shamhar tu khata hai ki mujhe sharm lagta hai ki mai south indian hun ya tum (you eat so much Sāmbhar that I doubt my south indian-lity )” Taking out all the green vegetable from Sāmbhar was my way of getting healthy food.
Eating south Indian foods at friend’s place, learning and talking to them in Kannada , make them to think positive about the Aryans that they will not destroy the culture of Dravidian used to be my debate points. I shared classroom table with south Indians friends for 3(out of 4) years of engineering. I don’t know why I made list of south Indian friends whereas north Indian classmates were on some distance from heart. However I was very much connected to my juniors.
I had a good rapport with them and they use to be very personal while sharing their background and asking for guidance.
Searching for a good girl to fall in love with is always an instinct of Engineers and I was not an exception.
Moving from Bellary (college location) to Bangalore for job was a new chapter of life.
Working with different people has given me more exposer and confidence.
Meeting Venketesh for ‘School for India’ vision gave me energy and motive to move always on right path of life.

Signing Off :

Saket Pandey

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