Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Resources and Human beings

Hi Friends,
In our busy profession life we have completely forgotten our own life. when we don’t think about ourself how can we understand others.
In all aspect of business we deal with human beings which is most valuable resources we have on this planet. This resource has different attribute as happiness,purpose of life,family,love crush etc..
we never give any option to open-up these resources completely as a person in-turn  they never open for us and it leads us with a compromised resources.
ideally we should build a trust as a Corporate family and we should build in  such a way that we can be there for each other not professionally but personally as well.
Most of us stay away from native home and till we are only resources we will be always a compromised  family .
organisation  should move a step further to build a family i.e Corporate(wherever we work) family . If I take typical example of few Japanese organisation they have built a family.
IT is very new and  if we stay together can build many more industry . participation of resources should be actively organised . Let them know about decision we make and their view on it and reason for such view because we may be wrong at some place.
RBI governor was criticized for his paper “Has Financial Development Made the World Riskier” and firm like Lehman-Brothers has neglected him. But he was correct and we faced crisis .
lets make resources as human being and Corporate(wherever we work) as family we have a lot inside our heart and brain to for this family .
we should place a discussion with all employee who they are not performing well and we should ask them for degraded  performance and give a supportive hand and faith that we are there for each other , organisation is there for each one of us and in-turn we should also stand for organisation. This can play a bigger role to  build Corporate(wherever we work) family

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