Friday, May 15, 2015

A Random Question ..."An Ideal Image" vs "Reality"

There is someone who is aware of every step of mine and can read my eyes to articulate the same which lies inside .

Sometimes people try to beat the bush around but there is a gift of god thats called Sense,
it's directly connected to soul which hits the bullz eye all the time.

its good that people try to protect the ideal image but in meanwhile you commit so many mistakes and planned act which makes your real image.
you may live in  a sense that you are in ideal image but Reality is always exposed.

If anyone who knows "your Ideal Image" which is your perception and a "Real Image" which is everyone else's perception are always a perception .(Loaded na ...bhawnao ko samjho :) )

people are trapped in the world of perception and then they Act  and say see this is my image which was  never REAL.

You are best person to judge yourself.  a thug,thief etc always know what they are but they show themselves  differently .

You may try to fool around but truth is always inside your heart. Life is eco . if you cheat someone then you will be cheated badly yet again you will pretend you are fine but actually  a failure ...A Real Image :P

May be truths hurts but come on the track reduce the gap between ideal ,actual and self image.

i am person who practises what i preach and Learn.

A friend of mine said the he danced on her every beats but she  ran away when he asked her to dance with him.
what i am trying to expose ,when  a girl or boy make you to dance on his/her tone and then refuse to accept the truth in public is a piece of Shit.

dont feel bad if you are the part of same Shit.

life is small and beautiful . take a break. stop hating people and love them if they love you.
it doesn't mean he/she wants to sleep with you. there is nothing bad in a hug or a kiss on forehead with love.

if you love then express and make sure they respect it if not kick the "THE FAKE IMAGE of the person"

they don't deserve your pios love and care. rather divert it on a children who cries in hunger.
help them because you are suffering in "pain of loving a senseless person who is exposed but lives in Fake-Ideal-Image" and the child is suffering from hunger. take his hands and help him/her

visit  the temple and talk to god .
request them to punish the guilt because be a Human Not God. :)

A message from a friend of mine:

" I loved you X but you tried to get the LOVE of ABCDEF. I felt bad am suppressing myself but you will be punished because you knew that i am weak . i told you i dont want ABCDEF but you didnt listen, in this kaliyuga with a painful heart i curse you . you  will bear the same CONSEQUENCES  which your REAL IMAGE deserves ".
My love is there in the curse as well. get back to me and i will make a clause in curse
Clause (1A): not applicable if you become part of X's life.
:) :)

i told to my friend :

Amen Amen Amen. Om shanti shanti shanti.....:)

be in real image be the ideal to that real image and dont be confuse in this image of image in this imaginary world :P:P:P

Signing off with a vague content :P

Saket Pandey


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